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Wedding Services

Whether it is a small intimate backyard or a luxurious resort, I'll be there. My specialty is candid moments. I run around to capture it all, the family, friends, and details. I professionally edit each photo and produce black and white as well as color. 



Always happy to call or meet to discuss details. Each wedding is unique and special. Have a budget, let's discuss, unusual location, I can travel. This is what I love to do, I want to be there and enjoy the special day with you! 

20191019-IMG_9533October 19, 2019.jpg

What to Expect

Expect me to take as many photos as humanly possible and professionally edit each one. I provide them digitally to print as large as you want. I shoot in RAW and export to .jpg. I don't set a limit to the amount of photos you get. I try to develop as many as I can to get the guests, ceremony, and reception all included. For costs, please call, I am pretty affordable

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