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Personal Chef | Jonathan Chapin

Building a business from an idea to a living breathing enterprise. Taking the creative thoughts and piecing them together to build a brand, recognizable logo, typesetting and color all came together in this project. From the website to the photos, the entire site was hand chosen to express his idea and absolutely blew him away and got him job offers within 24hrs of being LIVE!  

He is currently working on his social and has a live Facebook cooking show every Sunday.

Sample | 02
Reno Lunchbox  | Ofelia

Ofelia is a restaurateur that took ownership of her favorite spot for lunch. She decided to re-brand and had little idea of what she wanted or needed. She provided the logo and colors and I handled the rest. Even got her a nice trifold! Food photography is an art, if the photos are bad, nothing else will matter to a new customer. The niche about this unique bistro is everything is one price and includes a drink. Simple, fast and tasty, this business thrives during lunch!

Sample | 03
Clear Blue Investigations| Jeff

Jeff is a local P.I. in the town of Truckee, CA. He got his license and needed a website. I designed the logo for him too!

This was a hand coded site, developed in Dreamweaver. The media Queries are a little different than we would write them out now but the site holds up and the Investigator is happy!

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